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Manuel Pais on Team Topologies

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Sven Johann talks with Manuel Pais about the challenges of development teams being asked to be responsible for many topics like their problem domain, technology/programming languages, security, infrastructure and operations, UX, etc. Manuel explains what cognitive load is, which types of cognitive load exist and where it can be reduced and where not. They then discuss the four fundamental team topologies stream-aligned, enabling, platform and complicated subsystem: their benefit, how you should run those teams and which obstacles you need to overcome to be successful.

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Show Notes

Chapter Marks:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:45 The challenge of “two pizza” teams
  • 07:00 The three types of cognitive load
  • 10:48 Measuring cognitive load
  • 16:44 Stream aligned (“two pizza”) teams
  • 21:26 Platform teams
  • 22:54 Enabling teams
  • 24:25 Complicated subsystem teams
  • 26:13 Overcoming common problems of enabling teams
  • 38:21 What do Platform teams do?
  • 53:35 Interaction modes between teams
  • 56:08 Applying team topologies in small organisations
  • 59:51 Closing


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