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Markus Völter on Language Engineering

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In this episode, Markus Völter talks with Stefan Tilkov about language engineering and its connection to domain-driven design. Picking up from their past interactions in various different podcasts, the two agree and disagree fundamentally in equal parts, on topics such as the usefulness of DSLs, the costs and benefits of domain experts writing code, and the tradeoffs of various architectural approaches.

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by Federico Tomassetti on
I am at the 1hr mark but I cannot resist to comment :) So far I had the feeling that most of the comments of Stefan are very intelligent comments, that I would expect to hear by the most experienced, pragmatic, and smart software architects. Yet, I think that they would evaporate by simply seeing a domain experts using one of those advanced DSL-based solutions Markus is describing. I really wish they were public and more people saw them in action, in the hands of domain experts. I think it would make a lot of these conversations easier, because until then they are inbalanced: all Language Engineers know about software development and most of them have seen internal DSLs in action, but probably 99.99% of non-Language Engineers have not seen what an advanced solution built with MPS can achieve. It is a bit frustrating we cannot share more as a community, as it would make discussions so much easier.

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