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aim42 with Gernot Starke

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Joy Clark talks with Gernot Starke about aim42, a method for systematically improving software. They discuss in detail the three phases of the process: Analyze, Evaluate, and Improve. Gernot shares his wisdom about how to carry out each phase using stories of his experiences in many different situations. In this way, listeners will get the big picture of how the whole process works: from visualizing all of the problems using sticky notes on the wall to specific strategies that can be used for improving the system.

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Gernot Starke
by Gernot Starke on
Gino, what exactly do you mean by "hybrid approach" in your question? Suggestion: Send a little more information via email ( kind regards and a very good start into the new year - Gernot
by Gino on
Thanks for this valueable podcast! In our company we are following a hybrid approach which was the best case for us and our customers. Looking at chapter 4.4 of aim42, which one is compareable the most with a hybrid solution? Thanks, Gino

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